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Wondrous plant sculptures in “Imaginary Worlds at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

“Artistic License,” an evening of art experiences.

“Burundanaga,” Spanish-language play at Aurora Theatre

“Hippodrome,” multimedia performance.

Calligraphy as performance art in “Illuminated Letters.”

Back stage at Atlanta’s Théâtre du Rêve.

Oh, what a tanged web she wove: “Charlotte’s Web” at the Alliance Theatre

A conversation with composer David Lang.

The Atlanta Ballet’s spectacular “Dracula.”

The imaginary guests of Sarah Hobbs’ “Overpacked,” an installation at W Atlanta-Midtown hotel, unpacked their psychological baggage all over their hotel rooms. Gently mocking but ultimately sympathetic, Hobbs’ transformation of three hotel rooms into a survivalist’s overreadiness, a homesick guy’s man cave and a germophobe’s SWAT efforts to ward off any possible contamination suggested that you can never get away from yourself.

“Garden Lights, Holiday Nights” has transformed the Atlanta Botanical Garden into a wonderland of luminescence.

The Zoetic Dance Ensemble performed “What’s Under There,” inspired by “Laurel Nakadate: Photographs, Videos & Performances” at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, on November 15.

Bodies of Art at the Goat Farm

Panamanian artist Olga Sinclair’s inspiring public art

Thomas Lux, Bourne chair of Poetry at Georgia Tech, makes poetry out of fish sticks and telephone operators in “Soup Teachers,” a poem he reads during this conversation about art, life and the hard work of creating effortless prose.

Atlanta Poet Thomas Lux from ArtsATL on Vimeo.

Organ from ArtsATL on Vimeo.

Timothy Albrecht and  the Daniel Jaeckel Op. 45 Organ at Emory University



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