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Review: Craig Dongoski draws sound at Whitespace

What does a drawing sound like? Answering that question was the genesis for artist Craig Dongoski’s early work, and it resonates in the new drawings in “Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release,” at Whitespace through April 16.

The pieces in the show begin as a single line. Dongoski responds to that line, and then to the line he has just made, so that the piece becomes a series of linear reactions and responses. Dongoski describes the process as a way of “getting back to the basics” of creating.

These images are largely of two types. One, exemplified by “Summer Static” (above), consists of horizontal stripes of color, which suggest Color Field painting coupled with geological surveys, sound waves and the grain of wood. The allusion to wood grain is reiterated in the second group of drawings, but here the artist has chosen to draw on large wooden panels, using only black, and the compositions have a rhythmic structure suggesting organic shapes.

Although these images departed from Dongoski’s original premise, the importance of sound and expression in them is clear. During the artist’s talk on March 31, he and a group of musicians brought the work back to its sonic origins with an impromptu sound piece based on the lines, colors and negative space in a drawing titled “'{ }” (above). Each musician responded to its visual cues in his own way.

Non-objective, organic and expressive, “Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release” will conjure up as many responses from the viewer as there are lines in each composition.

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