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News: $50,000 challenge grant from Blank Foundation will help ArtsATL expand audience for arts


The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation has awarded ArtsATL a three-year, $50,000 challenge grant to develop and implement a comprehensive social media campaign to engage and expand the arts audience in metro Atlanta.

“The vitality of the arts is crucial to the quality of life and our local economy,” says Blank Foundation President Penelope McPhee. “The arts inspire and engage people in ways that spark social success and innovation. We seek partners that aim to broaden audiences, promote sustainability and vitality of the arts in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

“ is a comprehensive source of information, reviews, news and feature stories for arts in metro Atlanta,” McPhee says. “It builds audiences for Atlanta’s vibrant art scene by informing, educating and engaging the public with a variety of stories written accessibly and with journalistic integrity.”

An arts community is an ecological system of artists, institutions and audiences, and we believe that arts journalism plays a crucial role in connecting the parts. This grant, as well as our recently announced relationship with Atlanta PlanIt, a service of Public Broadcasting Atlanta, will exponentially increase our ability to reach a broad range of readers (by madison ). It will also contribute to the development of a more informed and supportive audience.

“We are honored and grateful to receive this grant from the Blank Foundation,” says Charlie Henn, ArtsATL’s board chairman. “It represents a real vote of confidence in our mission and acknowledges the tremendous progress our organization has made in four short years.”

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