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News: Laura Relyea to succeed Catherine Fox as executive editor at ArtsATL

Laura Relyea, ArtsATLs new executive editor
Laura Relyea, ArtsATL‘s new executive editor.

The ArtsATL board is pleased to announce the selection of Laura Relyea to succeed Catherine Fox as executive editor on January 1, 2016.

One of ArtsATL’s 30 under 30 subjects, Relyea, 29, quickly earned a reputation as an entrepreneurial creative after moving to Atlanta in 2008. She has been particularly active in the literary community, most recently with Deer Bear Wolf. She is a contributor to the Bitter Southerner.

The Washington state native, who received a B.A. in telecommunications with a minor in creative writing at Ball State University, was managing editor of local content at Scoutmob for two years and worked at Edgar Allan, a branding and design firm, in both project management and content development for the past six months. 

“We are excited to welcome Laura to our team,” says executive director Susannah Darrow. “The infectious energy and innovative ideas she will bring to the publication will help us further tap the potential of our online platform and develop new programs.

“We are deeply indebted to Cathy for co-founding ArtsATL and building it into the publication it is today. She has established a stable of writers and an exceptional platform for writing about the arts and culture in Atlanta.”

Says Relyea, “I’m honored to follow in Cathy’s footsteps at the editorial helm of ArtsATL. Atlanta’s arts culture is at a pivotal point in its maturation. Major developmental changes are altering our landscape and the values of our citizens with unprecedented rapidity. It’s critical that we have conversations about what role art and the creative class can play.

“It’s my hope to initiate these conversations in fresh and engaging ways. By incorporating new streams of content and taking time to develop the right stories, we can foster a healthy dialogue and garner the kind of proactive arts community that will take advantage of these sweeping changes by actively participating in them.”

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