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Idea Capital announces 2012 winners of its artist grants

Aubrey Longley-Cook: “Lavonia” from the “Serving Face” series

Idea Capital, an organization that dispenses grants to Atlanta artists, has announced the 2012 winners.

The nine artists and collaborative teams, who will receive $10,000 in total, are Aubrey Longley-Cook, Elise Witt, Helen Hale, Marcia Vaitsman and Seana Reilly, Melanie Hammet, Mike Black, Rachel and Trevor Reese, Sheila Pree Bright and Tricia Hersey.

Aubrey Longley-Cook's “Lavonia,” from the “Serving Face” series.

The projects:

Aubrey Longley-Cook — Combining embroidery and animation, Longley-Cook will document and celebrate Atlanta’s storied, colorful drag queens.

Elise Witt — Preceded by vocal workshops, Witt’s “Improv Flash Mob” will bring impromptu, “pop-up” singing to unexpected locations around the city, from Lenox Square mall to Little Five Points.

Helen Hale — The Atlanta dancer and choreographer will create a theatrical dance performance examining human rituals and everyday behaviors.

Marcia Vaitsman and Seana Reilly — A large-scale installation called “Heisenberg Boulevard” will focus on the chaos and explosive energy of natural phenomena, including volcanoes, tsunamis, geysers and tornadoes. Recipients of Idea Capital’s first Travel Grant.

Melanie Hammet — In an intimate performance series dubbed “Life Sentence: A Series of Listen-Ins,” the artist will incorporate music and narrative to tell the story of a man imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit and then exonerated through the Georgia Innocence Project. The performances will take place in living rooms throughout the metro Atlanta area.

Mike Black — Graffiti meet Atlanta’s culture of gentrification in Black’s PVC pipe installations installed clandestinely on abandoned buildings throughout the city.

Rachel and Trevor Reese — Already recognized by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the free publication Possible Press is composed of writing by emerging and mid-career artists, which allows them to express themselves in a different arena.

Sheila Pree Bright — Tapping into the profound contributions of ordinary Americans to the civil rights movement, the public art photography project “1960 What 1960 Who?” will document these unsung heroes of American history.

Tricia Hersey — Taking art to the people and focusing on Atlanta neighborhoods plagued by poverty and unemployment, the guerrilla performance artist will engage passers-by, offering them a bullhorn and the opportunity for catharsis through poetry.

Founded in 2008, Idea Capital is overseen by Cinque Hicks, DeNatalie Phillips, Felicia Feaster, Leatrice Ellzy, Louise Shaw, Nicole Liveratos, Mary Stanley and Oronike Odeleye.

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