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News: Kendeda Fund boosts ArtsATL with $10,000 grant



I am pleased to announce that the Kendeda Fund has awarded ArtsATL a $10,000 grant.

“The Kendeda Fund has long acknowledged the importance of a vibrant local arts community in bridging the many facets of Atlanta,” says a spokesman for the fund’s anonymous donor. “By providing topical and current commentary, ArtsATL helps drive attendance, participation and dialogue among arts patrons. Their program provides clear direction and valuable advice for those seeking arts and cultural experiences.”

As with the unrestricted grants from the Livingston Foundation and Possible Futures that we received in 2012, the Kendeda gift will help ensure our publication’s stability and serve as a platform for further growth.

“We are grateful to the Kendeda Fund for its generous contribution to support our important work,” says ArtsATL board Chairman Charlie Henn. “The gift is critical not only because it will fund arts-related feature stories and criticism, but also because  having the confidence of Kendeda is particularly meaningful to an emerging organization like ArtsATL.”

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