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Closing reception for Kibbee’s “Grok,” with Tim Flowers, Miriam Karp, Iman Person

Editor’s note: Wesley Lowrance is ArtsCriticATL’s new and already invaluable intern. He recently earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography degree from Kennesaw State University and is completing a minor in art history.

The word “grok” means to understand or communicate with complete empathy. The term — the title of Kibbee Gallery’s current show — aptly describes the way the abstract paintings, assemblages, watercolors and installations by Tim Flowers, Miriam Karp and Iman Person create a cohesive whole.

Though each artist worked independently, they find a sense of unity in their individual explorations of nature. Flowers’ monumental new oil paintings (example at left) recall the grandiosity of the Hudson River School, the dreamy attributes of Surrealism and the color palette of Kandinsky. It’s not hard to imagine the work of Karp or Person existing within his landscapes.

Karp makes her assemblages, which resemble domestic and exotic animals, from found objects such as rocks, leaves, twigs and anything else that catches her eye. The imagery grows intuitively out of the assemblage process.

Person’s tiny watercolors home in on aspects of nature that we often overlook. Though abstract, they make reference to plant life and human anatomy, recalling the body back to nature and highlighting (grokking?) the organic forms that man and nature share.

“Grok” is sure to leave viewers with a renewed sense of wonder for the world around them, especially the minutiae of nature so often taken for granted. Its closing reception is 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, March 26.

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