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Things to see and do, August 24-30

StepAfrikaImage4Dance lovers will be spoiled for choice this weekend.

Step Afrika, the first professional dance troupe dedicated to the African-derived tradition of stepping, performs as part of the National Black Arts Festival.

Agnes Scott’s Bridget Roosa presents a dance concert including additional choreography by Doris Humphrey, Lester Horton and Kristin O’Nea.

Atlanta Ballet Block Party includes performances from Wabi Sabi, scenery and wardrobe tours, food trucks and a Dunk-a-Dancer dunk tank.

Gallery of Movement is a two-hour performance by emerging Atlanta movement artists choreographed by Erik Thurmond.

For more information on these and other arts events, please visit our calendar page for our list of highlights and the encyclopedic AtlantaPlanIt.


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