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Creative Juices finalOur series Creative Juices , which ran during December 2014, profiled six diverse metro Atlanta creatives with particular emphasis on what makes them tick.


Brian Clowdus, artistic director of Serenbe Playhouse








Eddie Tigner, bluesman
Even at the age of 88, Tigner finds fuel for his creativity.

Klimchak, avant garde musician
Klimchak inside his esoteric world of percussion instruments (Photo by Chris Stacks)

Ilia Varcev, photographer
Ilia Varcev behind his ever-present camera.

Douglas Scott, founder of Full Radius Dance,
a company of able bodied and disabled dancers.
Full Radius Dance melds wheelchairs into its performances. (photo Scott Nilsson)

George Long, artist and food-truck operator
George Jessamine GFT 1








Funding for this program was provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.

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