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Winners, and answers, in our Cirque du Soleil “Ovo” ticket contest

The early birds got the freebies in our contest to win two pairs of tickets to attend Cirque du Soleil’s “Ovo” at Atlantic Station on the closing day, January 2. Within minutes of our posting the five-question trivia quiz, entries started coming in to the email account we set up, and we soon had our two winners. The tickets were awarded to the first two people to get all five answers correct.

First, here are the answers to our Cirque trivia quiz:
1. There are 16 tracks on the “Ovo” soundtrack CD.
2. The fake Cirque show name was Zucchetto, which is actually a small skullcap sometimes worn by Catholic priests, but which sure sounds like a Cirque show.
3. The first Cirque show to play Atlanta was “Nouvelle Experience” in 1991. This was the one most people missed, and apparently the toughest to Google. Several people who missed it wrote “Saltimbanco,” which was the second Atlanta show. “Nouvelle Experience” was confirmed to us as correct by the Cirque PR staff.
4. The show with the snail and the baby is “Mystere” in Las Vegas.
5. Liz Vandal designed the costumes for “Ovo.”

And now the winners:

The fastest Googler out there was Gregor Turk, an Atlanta sculptor who also teaches at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He couldn’t find the name of the first Atlanta show in his Web searching, but he remembered “Nouvelle Experience” because he attended that show almost 20 years ago. Way to go, Gregor!

The second-fastest, and also good for two free tickets, was Julia Neal, a recent Georgia State University graduate who’s applying to grad schools to study art history. She says this will be her first Cirque show.

Congratulations to both. We hope everyone enjoyed this contest, something a little different from ArtsCriticATL. A big thank you to Cirque du Soleil for providing the tickets for our giveaway, and Happy New Year one and all!

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