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Flux Projects announces artists for fall FLUX 2011

Flux Projects has announced the participants in FLUX 2011, which will take place Friday, September 30, in the Castleberry Hill Arts District. The 29 projects involve 115 artists in multimedia installations, projections, dance, theater, music, sound and light installations, parades, puppetry and iron fireworks.

The majority of participating artists, whose commissions range from $23 to $8,000, are Atlantans, and most pieces will be collaborative.

The projects include:

Kim Anno, “Men and Women in Water Cities”: a projection of people living underwater in a world after the rise of the oceans.

Matthew Burge, “Duets à la Turk”: a light and sound installation based on jazzman Dave Brubeck’s “Blue Rondo à la Turk.”

The Collective Project, “The Hunt”: an interactive ensemble theater performance.

Monica Cook: a sound-activated interactive animation that explores the human-animal interface.

Eric Corriel, “Water Will Be Here One Day”: an interactive projection that helps people visualize climate change.

D’AIR: aerial dance engaged with architecture.

Jeff Demetriou, Layne Braunstein and Josh Horowitz, “Homesick”: a 3-D projection chronicling the history of Earth (top photo).

Dodekapus: a traveling band of mystic Gypsies.

Craig Drennen, “1-Hour Awful (for Apemantus)”: a durational music performance.

Jane Garver, “Voice Box”: a sound map of Atlantans singing.

gloATL, “Livers”: a roaming dance performance accompanied by a site-specific installation.

Gray Matters: a series of multimedia installations that imagine the Castleberry Hill district as a zoo with mysterious creatures.

Brian Holcomb, “Control Group”: an interactive light installation suspended in weather balloons.

Steve Jarvis, Allen Peterson and Daniel Plemmons, “Human Powered Soundscape (HPS)”: a mobile soundscape of percussive, stringed and digital instruments.

Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons, Lantern Art Parade: a glowing parade culminating in a flying lantern launch.

Katy Malone and Claire Paul: a multimedia installation that visually cuts into a site’s past.

James McConnell and Mark Basehore, “Street Preachin’ ”: a performance.

The Medeology Collective, “Exquisite Corpse/Cadavre Exquis”: VJing projections.

Osborn Brown, “Refleuxion”: a video performance piece.

Allen Peterson, “Hive Consciousness”: an iron pour and performance of glowing iron bees (photo at left).

Lakshmi Polavarapu, “The Flying Circus”: interactive music and performance art.

Seana Reilly, “Threshold”: interactive light installations.

Amy Rush, “Hotel Tableaux”: a puppet installation.

Deanna Sirlin, “The Days of Awe”: a Castleberry Hill community project that will light the windows of the neighborhood (middle photo).

Daniel B. Timms, Patrick Allen Toups, Mike Jakob and Pete Jakob, Iron Fireworks: fireworks created from molten iron in a tradition taken from Hebei Province, China.

Gregor Turk, “The Billboard”: a billboard projection.

Will Young, “Jellyfish”: an installation.

Zoetic Dance Ensemble, “Occupied”: site-specific contemporary dance.

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