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Preview: “Atlanta Art Now,” book celebrating local visual arts scene

The Possible Futures foundation is getting into the book business. Its first such venture is “Atlanta Art Now,” a portrait of the contemporary art scene expressed through ideas and critical trends shared by a sampling of the city’s artists. Expect publication in November 2011.

“The Atlanta arts community stands to benefit greatly from a visible and informed public conversation about the most meaningful lines of critical inquiry currently being pursued in this city,” said Louis Corrigan, founder of Possible Futures. “My hope is that AAN would help situate the most engaging trends within the work of Atlanta-area artists within discussions of contemporary art at the regional, national and even international levels.”

Corrigan has tapped Cinqué Hicks as founding creative director. Hicks, art critic for Atlanta’s alt-weekly Creating Loafing, will share writing duties with ArtsCriticATL’s Catherine Fox, formerly the art critic for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and with Jerry Cullum, editor-at-large of Art Papers magazine. The three writers have been meeting with Corrigan for several months to shape the project. (Disclosure: Possible Futures awarded ArtsCriticATL a grant in September.)

The book dovetails with Corrigan’s other philanthropic efforts, all aimed at galvanizing metro Atlanta’s scene by raising awareness and expectations of its artists, both locally and nationally. Corrigan plans to put the publication into the hands of curators and others outside the region. The book is the pilot for a possible series.

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