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News: Forward Arts Foundation announces Emerging Artist Award

The Forward Arts Foundation has announced the winner of the 2012‐13 Emerging Artist Award. The recipient is Atlanta artist Born.

A former graffiti artist, Born makes sculptures with found objects.

I let the materials guide me,” he wrote in an artist’s statement for a show at Beep Beep Gallery. “There’s history in the materials: the imperfections, the dents, the scratches — instant character. …

“The joy of creating these works is in the exploration — the discovery, the learning process. I’m putting together a puzzle that doesn’t exist. If a piece is missing, I make it. Sometimes I feel like the artist’s assistant.”

Born came up through the ranks of local galleries and organizations devoted to emerging artists: Young Blood, Beep Beep, Dashboard Co-op. This is just how the gallery system is supposed to work. This award and his resulting solo show in spring 2013 at the Swan Coach House Gallery will give him a new platform.

The other finalists, whose works will also be on display, were S. Andre Keichian, Kevin Byrd, Romy Maloon and JohnPaul Floyd.

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