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Alliance Theatre “restructuring” claims job of Managing Director Tom Pechar

Blaming the economy, the Alliance Theatre has announced “the beginnings of a significant administrative restructuring process” — and the first head to fall is that of Managing Director Tom Pechar, who has been with the Woodruff Arts Center’s resident ensemble since 2002.
P_tperchar In a five-paragraph press release issued at the end of the day Friday, theater board chair Howard Feinsand said: “In these unprecedented and difficult financial times, the traditional theater management model must be constantly re-examined. Similar to our peer arts institutions around the nation, we are always seeking ways to innovate and achieve operational efficiencies. This principle of innovation applies not only to the art we produce, but also to the operational mechanisms that support it.”
The communique offered no details about the terms or timeline of Pechar’s departure; nor did it include any of the sort of farewell tributes generally accorded such departing figureheads. Pechar came to Atlanta after a brief tenure at Baltimore’s Center Stage. His resume also includes a 12-year management stint with the Children’s Theatre of Seattle.
Apparently there will be more changes to come at the city’s top playhouse, with “more details” promised in the “near future.”
The restructuring will continue “as a collaborative effort between the Alliance Theatre Board and members of the theatre’s senior staff,” according to the press release. “The planned outcome is a leaner, more innovative and agile organization designed to withstand dramatic changes in future economic environments.”

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