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ArtsATL is throwing two parties on Friday, April 19. “Cocktails and Critics” 6-8 p.m. JCT Kitchen Upstairs Bar. Food, drink and conversation with some of ArtsATL’s writers. Price also includes ticket and shuttle to “Artistic License,” 8 -1 1 p.m. at the Goat Farm Arts Center.

Come to both, come to one or the other, but please join us! Click here for tickets.

“Cocktails and  Critics” Host Committee

Mary Frances Callis

Louis Corrigan

Bo and Barbara Crum

Catherine and Steve Fox

Davar Irvani

Anne and Charlie Henn

Miriam and Allen Hirsch

Baxter Jones

Victoria and Howard Palefsky

Jayson Maynard and Will Pollock

Carl Rojas

Ellen Keir Stein

Margaret and Chuck Shufeldt

Liz and Jay Sullivan

Emily and Alex West

Sue Williams

“Artistic License” Host Committee

Valerie Boyd

Stephanie Cash and Carl Rojas

Lula Dawitt

Shannon and Doug Fox

Phillip Jones

Jessica Lee Reece

Jessica and Andrew Rodbell

Mackenzie Wood

The Artistic Lineup

IMG_3879Iron Jayne, a new band formed by Emily Kempf, formerly of the Back Pockets, is “a driving force on the underground music scene,” says Paste magazine.




IMG_2998Bojana Ginn: An installation and a profusion of projections on the ceiling, walls and in hidden places you’ll have to find.




Michael Stasny
Michael Stasny

Mike Stasny: A totemic array of giant hovering panels featuring his signature surrealist images, this time of Civil War generals and tractors. Made for this event, they continue a series he began in St. Louis but has not shown in Atlanta.





5604_10151348479433583_1340195532_nMichael Haverty and 7 Stages Theatre: A shadow play based on the fantasy adventure, “The Navigator,” using live silhouettes, shadows and animation, mirrors, reflective fabric and multiple light sources.




HIDDEN AWAYNicole Livieratos and Phillip DePoy:  “HIDDEN AWAY,” a movement/theater piece to be performed for only two people at a time.  Movement, poetry, sound, risk.  And possibly some gum. A taste of a future production at the DeKalb County Library.





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