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“Artistic License,” this Friday, promises profusion of experiences from high art to hijinks

Out of Hand Theater's "The Break Up"
Out of Hand Theater's "The Break Up"
Out of Hand Theater’s “The Break Up.” Photo by John Tibbetts.

“Artistic License” is the only event at which you can choreograph a dance by picking something out of a chest, shimmy with a go-go dancer in a private disco, break up with a stranger in a car, find projections in hidden places, watch a multimedia shadow play and hear the newly formed band Pyramyd. Oh, and watch a little voyeuristic TV. 

Come to the Goat Farm Arts Center from 8 to 11 p.m. this Friday, April 19. Tickets are $30, or $15 for students and artists. Click here for tickets, or buy them at the door.

These are Atlanta artists, folks. Come celebrate what they can do! 

HIDDEN-AWAYHIDDEN AWAY, the library at night.” Nicole Livieratos and Phillip DePoy will perform for only two people at a time. Take something from the drawer to inspire movement, poetry and whatever else will happen. 8-10 p.m.

CLUB MSIF. Mike Stasny‘s and Maggie Ginestra’s eight-foot-square private dance club for two, chaperoned by mythical doormen and a go-go dancer. Also, a totemic array of giant hovering panels featuring Stasny’s signature surrealist images. Made for this event, they continue a series he began in St. Louis but has not previously shown in Atlanta.

“The Break Up.” Out of Hand Theater’s mobile participatory performance. Hop into a car with a stranger, get dumped and get on with your life in a mere minute or two.

Bojana Ginn. Ginn explores the intersection of science and art in an installation and multiple projections on the floor, ceiling, walls and places you’d never expect.

Michael Haverty and 7 Stages Theatre. A shadow play based on the fantasy adventure “The Navigator,” using live silhouettes, shadows and animation, mirrors, reflective fabric and multiple light sources.

tumblr_mi61u9uNC01s5jt4lo1_r1_1280Pyramyds (formerly Iron Jayne). A new band formed by singer and keyboardist Emily Kempf of the Back Pockets, with Garrett Goss (drums), Ryan Odom (guitar) and Chad LeBlanc (bass). “A driving force on the underground music scene,” says Paste magazine. It will cap off the evening.


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